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About oknews24bd.com

Recognized for its highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethical journalism, oknews24bd.com is Bangladesh’s first pure internet-based news collection and one of the first in the world. The 24/7 news publisher utilizes the resources of more than 500 journalists and photographers in Bangladesh and beyond. For over a decade, it has brought accurate news and unique insights to distant audiences. First of all, 24/7 news

Frequently Asked Questions about oknews24bd.com

Is oknews24bd.com a news agency or a newspaper?
Although oknews24bd.com started primarily as an agency, today it is essentially a newspaper published on the Internet, with many national and local newspapers subscribing to oknews24bd.com’s news services. So it’s both. However, most of theoknews24bd.com portals are fully public and publicly available for free, with the exception of a small core of premium content (including some audio and video content).

Is oknews24bd.com politically oriented?
oknews24bd.com strives to accurately report events that occur and provide relevant context and relevant background information. oknews24bd.com focuses primarily on educating, informing, entertaining and, most importantly, inspiring our readers. Does oknews24bd.com have an editorial bias? oknews24bd.com`s sole editorial bias is towards coherent, lucid, rational, logical, wellargued and topical content.

What is oknews24bd.com`s policy on online comments and feedback?
oknews24bd.com never censors or edits online comments and feedback – except if these deviate from the topic or are personal attacks. In what way is oknews24bd.com the largest news provider in Bangladesh? oknews24bd.com has the most visitors of any Bangladeshi news agency. oknews24bd.com had 6.6 million readers (unique visitors) in July 2015. During this period, Bangladesh’s news consumption peaked due to the general political situation. According to Google Analytics, this was higher than any other news media in Bangladesh, online or printed, English or Bengali. oknews24bd.com had a total of 720 million page views in 2015.

What is the global readership of oknews24bd.com?
Readers at oknews24bd.com cover virtually the entire world. Google Analytics tracks oknews24bd.com visitors from 235 countries and territories around the world. oknews24bd.com What about “the most real news source in Bangladesh”? oknews24bd.com is a great target in times of crisis or big talk. It is known that during these times, the number of readers of oknews24bd.com tripled, leaving other news portals behind. In Bangladesh, it is synonymous with “what is actually happening in the field.”